Carlton Fisk Countdown: #40

We now come to #40 in the countdown. #40 is a long distance dedication from Boston, Mass. And he writes: “Casey I long for the days when baseball and apple pie were synonymous with America. Can you do anything for me?” Yes we can. Today we have the 2001 Topps American Pie card of Carlton. I like this card because of how young Carlton looks in it. The picture has to be from the early 70’s. If I knew more about the Red Sox I could probably tell you from the uniform, but I don’t so I can’t. I found this card at a card show in 2002, and it was part of my learning curve about just how many Carlton cards have come out since he retired. I really liked this set though. I never bought anything other than the Fisk cards, but I like how they took baseball and pop culture icons and mixed them into one set.


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