My Favorite Games: #15

Today’s game is special for a couple of reasons. One of them is that I went with my dad which always makes the game better. He had the week off of work, and I had the day off so we went to dollar hot dog day at Comiskey. I found a couple cheap tickets on eBay that allowed us to go. We sat in the bleachers and enjoyed batting practice. I had been to a game on Monday night against the same Red Sox team earlier in the week. That game was a spur of the moment deal while this game was planned. As I said earlier I like to attend games with these two teams on the field.
As far as the game went Derek Lowe started for the Red Sox against Danny Wright. You would think that the Red Sox would have an advantage with this matchup, but Wright held his own. He only gave up three runs (only 2 were earned) in six innings of work. Lowe had the same line as Wright. Both Damaso Marte and Flash Gordon combined for 3 innings of scoreless relief. The pitching trouble came in the 10th when Billy Koch gave up the winning run. Johnny Damon had been hitless all day until Koch let him drive in the run. What a disaster that deal was. The White Sox lost in 10, but we had a good time. If we had won in extras this game would be higher up than it is.
One other note about this game. I had just gotten my new car the day before this game. So this marked the first road trip that I took with the car. Since then it has seen its share of miles related to driving to and from sporting events.


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