My Favorite Games: #14

I am shocked that this game is not in the top ten. I guess that shows how strong the remaining 13 games are to me. This game was played on August 7th, 2005 between the White Sox and the Seattle Mariners. Normally a Sunday game against the Mariners would not make this list, but this game was special. I found out early in the year that Carlton was going to be the third statue placed in center field for the Sox. As soon as I found out the date I bought a ticket to the game on eBay. The day of the game I was waiting at the gate three hours before gametime. That is an hour and a half before the gates even opened. As soon as the gates opened I ran to a spot just in front of the temporary guard rails set up to keep the public out of the ceremony. It was kids day so most of the fans that came to the game early were there to get autographs. I sat with few people patiently waiting the ceremony to start. As the time approached more and more people started making their way to the area. I was probably more excited than a grown man should be about seeing this ceremony take place. My team was playing some great baseball, and that same year they unveil a statue in my boyhood idols honor. A few of Carlton’s former teammates made their way to the park to see the even. Kenny Williams, Harold Baines, Ozzie Guillen, Jack McDowell, Ron Kittle, and Greg Walker all came to see the event. Roland Hemond the former Sox General Manager who signed Fisk was also at the ceremony. Carlton unveiled the statue with his wife, and then spoke a bit on the day and what it meant to him. He also talked about how this was the year for the Sox. It was right then that I started to believe. I thought they were cursed for how they let him go. After the ceremony I knew that the Sox had put the past right, and maybe we could go all the way. They let some of the dignitaries speak as well. I really enjoyed hearing Carlton’s son Casey speak as well. Casey was the only other Fisk family member to be on a card with Carlton. This was my first day with my new camera, and my battery was running low from almost square one. I had just enough charge to get some good pictures of the ceremony. I tried to take some afterwards, but it was done.
As far as the game goes Jon Garland got the win after a tough outing earlier in the week against the Blue Jays. I was at that game, and it was good to see Jon bounce back. Paul Konerko hit a three run shot in the 4th to put the Sox ahead, and Joe Crede hit a solo blast for some insurance the next inning. The Sox won 3-1. For once the game really did not mean a whole lot.


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