My Favorite Games: #19

Today’s game was hot. When I say hot I don’t mean mildly uncomfortable. I mean people passing out in the stands hot. Today’s game took place on July 24th, 2005. The recorded temperature at gametime was 102 degrees. For some reason the week around my dad’s birthday always seems to be one of the hottest of the year.
I wanted to see the Sox take on the Red Sox so I bought tickets on Ebay. For some reason at the gate my print at home tickets would not scan so I had to go into the ticket office to get it authorized. The authorization process was very detailed and maybe too complex to describe here. Well I guess if you are on here you may want details. Here is how the complex ticket authorization process happens. The manager gets a highlighter out of his drawer. Then he carefully puts a line through the bar code with the highlighter. Your ticket is now ready to go. You can see the orange mark on the upper corner of the ticket above. This could never be forged, and is genius. I thought about making my own tickets, but once I saw the authorization process I decided to just go through the ticket office from now on. The great part about that was that the ticket office is air conditioned. Once you leave the office you are able to ride the elevator up to your level. I was on the main level so I didn’t have too long of a ride. I bought three waters and sat in my seat to watch the game.
Bronson Arroyo went up against Jose Contreras. The Sox held Big Papi to one hit, but that one hit was a home run. Jason Varitek hit another home run for the Red Sox. They got three runs off of Jose, and one run in 1/3rd of an inning off of Damaso Marte. The White Sox scored all six of their runs off of Arroyo. For two straight seasons Tadahito Iguchi had huge games when I attended. This game was no different. He went 3 for 4 with home run, three RBI’s, and two runs scored. His agent should have paid me to come around more often. More of his heroics will be featured later in the countdown. Paul Konerko had an RBI double as well to help the Sox cause. By the way my three waters were gone in the 7th. I bought one more off of a vendor that looked like he needed to take a break.
The heat took its toll on the crowd. I watched a few people pass out because of it, and by the end of the game it was sort of a badge if you were still around. This was yet another example in my life when people questioned my sanity for attending a sporting event under extreme circumstances.
My seats were along the left field line a few rows back. I was able to witness the great Scott Podsednik in person. I was even able to see a couple girls walk up and flash Scott to get his attention. The rough life of a baseball player.


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