Carlton Fisk Countdown: #49

Today’s card is the 1982 Donruss card of Carlton. This was his first Donruss card as a member of the White Sox. Maybe it is me, but the older I get the more I like the early Donruss sets. They had a simplicity to them. They also had the players middle name on the back. Yes, the back of this card says Carlton Ernest Fisk. How embarrassing would that be. If you had a middle name that you did not like it was put on cardboard for kids to see everywhere. This card of Ernie was one of the first cards that I had of Carlton. The others are on the countdown, but for some reason in 1984 this card seemed very easy to get. It was much easier to get than the 1984 Donruss of Carlton. We are at that middle part of the countdown where for some reason I have run out of stories to go with the cards. I think that I have already made it clear that I love these uniforms. Any more on that and I think Blogger will shut me down. This card is on here because I have always like it. Nothing more, nothing less.


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