My Favorite Games: #21

This game was part of a great weekend for me. I was stuck in the middle of Iowa with nothing to do. I went down to Kansas City on a Thursday afternoon. I was able to visit the Jesse James home, and the Harry Truman Presidential Library that night. I am a huge history buff, and Truman was always one of my favorite Presidents. I was actually in the museum past closing time. One of the guides took me through it, and did not seem to be worried about the time. I had a great time, and the tour really helped that. I stayed in his hometown of Independence, Missouri that night. The next day I toured the town to follow in his footsteps a little. I was able to see his farm, his home, and the beautiful courthouse where he first presided as a county judge. The courthouse is part of an old fashioned town square that just looks like it is from the thirties. I went into Kansas City that afternoon and visited the World War I monument and their Union Station. The highlight of the afternoons activities though was my visit to the Negro Leagues Museum. I had a great time, and was very moved by what I saw there. It is amazing how far we have come. I collect baseballs from trips that I go on, so I bought a three pack of Buck O’Neil balls at the gift shop. The woman at the register asked me if I even knew who Buck was. I told her how I loved to watch his interviews on ESPN. Some of his talks with Roy Firestein(?) really grabbed me when I was younger. She excused herself and took the balls into a back room. When she came out, all three were signed. They are now proudly displayed on my shelf with Buck’s signature on them. I really wish I could have met him for just a minute, but she went above and beyond to get them signed as it was.
You might be aksing yourself was there a game that weekend? The Sox played the Royals at Kaufmann stadium that night. I had been watching the Sox religiously all spring. I had every game on DVR, and I would watch them when I could. I was so excited to be able to see some of the new guys in person. Scott Podsednik went 2 for 3 and scored a run. Juan Uribe went 3 for 4, knocked in two, and scored one. Iguchi knocked in two runs as well. This was also the first time that I had seen A.J. Pierzynski in person. He got two hits, knocked in one, and scored two runs. This was a pretty good day for the new guys. The Sox won 8-2. The few Royals fans who actually showed up for the game left early, so I kept moving to better seats. I started in the right field bleachers, and ended the game behind home plate. That picture of Marte throwing to Sweeney that I took in the ninth is one of my favorite Sox pictures that I have taken. This is a beautiful stadium that deserves a guide to it. Maybe later in the day. Now that I wrote this up I realized that if you include the entire trip as a whole this game should be much further up than this. Maybe if I redo this list in the future I will keep that in mind.
One side note. While walking through the concourse before the game I saw the World Series trophy that the Royals won in 1985. I took a picture of it, and wondered how long it would be until the Sox would have one of their own. I ran into a couple of Sox fans who were also looking at the trophy, and we talked about the chances the Sox could win it all. Being Sox fans we were very guarded with our optimism. This game was played on 4/22/05, and less than a year later I would be at U.S. Cellular Field looking at the trophy that the Sox had won. I took my camera out and took a picture of it to complete the circle. Things work pretty funny someday.


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