My Favorite Games: #22

It wasn’t an official game. I have no pictures from this day. I don’t even have my ticket stub. I do however have some memories. Today’s game was played on May 11th, 2003 between the Chicago Cubs and the St. Louis Cardinals. It was my first game in this series. It also continued my trend of getting tickets to events without looking at the calendar. It was mother’s day, and we all had to wiggle out of things to get to the game. I went to the game with three Cub fans and we sat in the bleachers. This was my first time in the bleachers, and what an experience it was. I saw that you should not wear the colors of the opposing team in the bleachers. I would have done well to heed this advice, but later in the summer I was dumb enough to wear my Sox gear in the bleachers.
My friend Rob caught a batting practice home run while we were in line to get in the stadium, and then got one in the park. This started the quest that was for me to get a ball as soon as possible. As I said earlier this game was not an official game because it only went 4 1/2 innings. It rained off and on for most of the game. The field was so bad that two Cardinal right fielder had to leave the game because of injury. What made this game memorable was the 40+ mph wind that was blowing straight out of the stadium. We saw 7 home runs hit in that time. We also were able to see Major League players look horrible on fly balls and pop ups. The wind really played havoc with the players. When they finally called the game the score was Cardinals 11- Cubs 9. If the Cubs would have gotten to bat I’m sure we could have broken the 30 run barrier. The game was made up that September as part of a day – night doubleheader. Maybe those games will end up on this list. We had to send our tickets in to get the game in September so this is the only MLB game that I do not own my ticket stub for.


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