Carlton Fisk Countdown #51

This card made the countdown based solely on the fact that it is part gold. It was part of the 1992 Topps set. I just like the fact that you can pull a card out of a pack, see that it is a Fisk card, and then see the word winner on it. I have no real story behind this card, I just like the gold aspect. This was way before jerseys, bats, and seats started appearing on cards. This was about as good as it got.
I think this was also the first year that Topps stopped putting gum in with their packs. You mean that one card out of every pack will not be ruined immediately? It was also the same time that the industry went from hobby to moneymaker. I was in high school at the time, and could not afford all 18 sets that were coming out every year. That and the discovery of this thing called girls stopped my collecting for over ten years. Now that I found out how much girls cost I know that I should have stuck to collecting cards. You can trade them in, they keep their shape through the years, and they go up in value over time.


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