One Is The Loneliest Number

Doesn’t that banner look lonely up in the rafters all by itself? I thought that it would have a friend, but with the win by Wisconsin today it will take a Big Ten Tournament win to fill that void. That being said this season has surpassed my expectations by far. Both the Purdue men and women have played above and beyond what everyone thought that they would.
The men will finish in the top three in the Big Ten no matter what happens tomorrow at Michigan. If they win and Indiana wins they will be the #3 seed in the Big Ten tournament. If they win and Indiana loses to Penn State they will get the #2 seed. No matter what they have a bye on the first day. I will be at the game tomorrow. It will be my second road trip this year to see the Boilers play. They started the Big Ten Season by beating Michigan, and they would regain some momentum by finishing the Big Ten Regular Season with a win against Michigan.
The women beat Indiana yesterday in the second round of the Big Ten tourney to advance. As much adversity as these girls have faced they have really stepped it up. I posted a while back that they had a long year ahead of them. They were actually in the hunt for the regular season title until the very end. They performed exceptionally considering what they were up against. Look out next year. They are actually playing Iowa right now in the semi-finals. I don’t have the Big Ten Network so I don’t know what the score is, or anything about the game. With Ohio State going down yesterday the door is open for anyone to win the tourney. From what I have seen online the women need to win the tourney to get into the NCAA Tournament. If they can’t win they will probably be playing in the WNIT. Two games will decide the fate of this season. Go Boilers!!

Edit: The women won tonight so they are in the championship game against Illinois tomorrow night.


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