My Favorite Games: #23

Game #23 belongs to Ryne Sandberg. Most of this blog as far as Major League Baseball is concerned is about the White Sox. I have been to a few Cub games in my time though. Today’s game is one of those. It was played on August 28th, 2005 between the Cubs and the Florida Marlins. There was a game played that day, but I stopped by Wrigley Field that day for two reasons. One of them was the fact that it was my birthday. I like to go to a ball game on my birthday. The Sox were out of town so this seemed like a good choice. The second reason was that my friend Rob got tickets to the game because the Cubs were retiring Ryne Sandberg’s number. Regardless of who you root for you have to admit that Sandberg was one of the greats of the 80’s. I really wanted to see a number retired at the old ballpark. We got to the game way too early and waited in line to get in. Our seats were way down the first base line almost in the bleachers. We had a terrible view of the area around home plate where the ceremony would take place. I knew that most Cub fans arrive in the 2nd to 3rd innings so I told Rob to move right behind home plate. We did, and we were able to watch the entire ceremony from right behind the plate. Just before the first pitch the rightful owners of the seats kicked us out.
As far as the game goes I know that the Cubs walloped the Marlins, but until I looked at the box score I forgot how bad the game actually was. If this had been a competitive game I think that it would be much higher up the list. The only had a one run lead before Ryno sang the seventh inning stretch. The Cubs then put 10 runs on the board in the next two innings to win 14-3. Derreck Lee hit two home runs, and Carlos Zambrano hit a triple to lead the way for the Cubs. I do remember watching the overweight pitcher leg out a triple. Things like that are hard to forget. Another memory was watching Antonio Alfonseca come into the game for the Marlins. The crowd actually cheered him because they knew he would give up some runs. He did not dissapoint giving up 3 runs in 0.1 innings pitched.
I have always been a White Sox fan, and they will always come before the Cubs. I think so much of this rivalry that in my label section for this blog I have the Cubs listed just that way instead of as the Chicago Cubs so that they follow the White Sox. Pretty sick isn’t it. I was thinking about that as I added my labels to this post, and thought I would share that reason with the viewing public.
I have added a few pictures from the day that I took below. It was a pretty festive day, and I will always remember seeing Ryno get his jersey retired.


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