Carlton Fisk Countdown #52

Today’s card is a 1993 Sports Collectors Digest card of Carlton. I like this card because it shows him at spring training. I have been watching so much baseball lately that you would think it is late September. I will be burned out by the time that the regular season starts. I also like this card because he appears to be testing out the borders of the card. You are stuck in there Carlton. There is nothing you can do.
The card is from the 1993 season, and as we all know that was Carlton’s last in the big leagues. The White Sox waited until Fisk broke Boone’s record for games caught, gave him a motorcycle, and told him to use it to leave town. The Sox went on to make the playoffs that year, and would not even let Fisk in the locker room. The Blue Jays won that series 4-2. Maybe some part of me was a little glad that the Sox got beat. I was bitter about how they let Carlton go for a long time afterwards. That compared with the strike kept me from attending Sox games for almost ten years. The Sox seemed to reach out to Carlton in 2005, and what do you know they won the World Series. Coincidence? I think not.


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