My Favorite Games: #24

Todays game was played on June 17th, 2001. It was an inter league game at Wrigley Field between the Chicago Cubs and the Minnesota Twins. This game is special for a couple of reasons. It was my first ever inter league game. Since the strike in 1994 I had only gone to a handful of games. Most of those were free tickets that were given to me or my dad. These tickets were given to me by my friend Tony. He grew up as a Twins fan, and later became a Cubs fan as well so this game was a big deal to him. The thing that sticks out the most in my mind about this game was the fact that my friend Tony decided to get some nachos, and while he was gone Sammy Sosa hit what would turn out to be the game winning home run. Since that time I have rarely left my seat at a ballgame. You never know what is going to happen. This was a 5-4 game won by the Cubs, but this game was also a duel between to good pitchers. Kerry Wood won that matchup against Brad Radke. For some reason it always seems like if I went to a Twins game that I would see Radke pitch. He was fun to watch. Flash Gordon came in and saved the game for the Cubs. This was also my first chance to see A.J. Pierzynski in person. Little did I know how much I would grow to hate this man before he signed with the White Sox. He would also be at the center of some controversy with the Cubs. A couple of those games may show up later on the list.
Today I had trouble just picking a couple of pictures for this game. It was such a beautiful day that I took a few good ones. Here are a few from that day.:

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