My Favorite Games: #25

Another countdown? Yes, apparently I love these things. With there being only 25 days left until the beginning of the White Sox 2008 season I thought that I would count down the 25 best baseball games that I have been to. Last year I had a huge preview where I profiled players and made bold predictions. I was so far off because I am too much of a homer to not pick the Sox. I decided that it would be easier to just do this instead this year. So for the next 25 days I will have some fun reliving some great moments that I was a part of. Maybe I can be a part of some more in the upcoming season.
The first game on the countdown was played on July 28th, 1986. The Red Sox came to town to play the White Sox in Old Comiskey. My dad got some tickets in the first row of the upper deck in left field. Just a few days before the game someone fell off the upper deck making the experience all the more interesting. I still remember watching a very large man go down the entire aisle more hanging off the balcony than on it wondering when he was going to fall. As far as the game goes the Sox lost 3-1. Don Baylor and Dwight Evans hit home runs for the Red Sox. This was my second big league game, my second Sox game, and the first game that I had been to where Carlton Fisk got a hit. Looking back at the box score it is a who’s who of baseball at the time. Here are some of the names: Wade Boggs, Bill Buckner, Don Baylor, Jim Rice, Dwight Evans, Tony Armas, Rich Gedman, Marty Barrett, Ozzie Guillen, Greg Walker, Carlton Fisk, Harold Baines, Ron Kittle, and Floyd Bannister. Two Hall of Famers, and one who just missed this year. Floyd lost the game, but pitched a complete game four hitter. Not too bad. A couple of bad pitches ruined his day. Al Nipper pitched a complete game as well to beat Floyd.
This game started my fixation with attending games involving the two Sox teams. A few of those games will show up in the next few days. Another thing that made the game special was how the year ended for the Red Sox. I remember rooting for them in the World Series because I had seen them that year, and then getting upset when the former Cub let the ball go between his legs.
By the way look at the price on the ticket. I know that it was 22 years ago, but $3.25 to get into a Major League game? That is ridiculous. I wish I could pay that much to get in now.

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