Hard To Take

Today I was buying some things after a workout and picked up a couple packs of 2007 Topps Heritage. This is one of the first cards that I pulled out of the pack. It is so hard to see him wearing Cubbie blue. I watched him play both football and baseball at Notre Dame, and he quickly became one of my favorite players. He was a great receiver who could run after the catch. He was also not afraid to make the big play. On the baseball field he was strong, but probably only the third best pitcher on his team. That is an unfair comparison since he was only playing baseball as a hobby when football was out of season. Notre Dame had a great marketing strategy in 2006 when he pitched a game against Rutgers on a Friday night, and then on Saturday played in the Blue-Gold Football game. He was a great two sport athlete that I think made the right choice as far as longevity goes in baseball.
All of that being said I will have to root against Jeff’s team until he gets traded or moves away from the Cubs. It is hard to root for a Cub. I hope he has a long, successful career in the majors as long as it is with another team. By the way where is Harry Carey to pronounce this name? That could last a couple innings. Samardzija spelled backwards is ajizdramas. I think Ron Jeremy stars in ajizdramas. That is not too blue is it? Now I look at the post title and think, “What will people think?” Oh well, go White Sox.


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