Carlton Fisk Countdown: #54

Today’s Card is another card from the back of the Fleer set. It shows Fisk and Rich Gedman showing the world exactly how much bigger Carlton is. Either that or they were talking about how much they hate the Yankees. This is from the 1986 Fleer set, and of course that is the year that Gedman had a great view of the play that cost the Red Sox the World Series. When he came to the White Sox Fisk was thought to not have a whole lot of years left. Part of him had to love talking to Red Sox catchers during games from 1981-1993 while he was the steady force for the White Sox. For some reason I really liked the Fleer sets from 1985-1987, and I think that will show up on this list.
I put this card on here today because I am starting my countdown to the 2008 baseball season. I am counting down the best games I have been to, and the first one was the game that I saw in 1986 Between the White Sox and Red Sox. I thought this card would be a good way to help kick that off.


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