Carlton Fisk Countdown: #55

This card made it on here for two reasons. The first of which is the uniform Carlton is wearing on it. The uniform is the replica of the 1917 White Sox World Series Champion uniform. The Sox wore these uniforms on Turn Back the Clock day on July 11, 1990. It was the last season in Old Comiskey and the Sox decided to do something special. They turned off all the scoreboards, and did not use the public address system. The grounds crew and other employees wore retro outfits. The game was against the Brewers, and I still have a tape of it somewhere around the house. The game went so long that I only have 3/4 of it on tape though. The White Sox were winning 9-3 in the eighth inning, but gave up six runs to tie the game. This epic game went 13 innings before Chicago’s own Don Pall gave up the lead in the 13th. Current Cubs studio man Dan Plesac got the win for the Brewers. The Sox lost the game, but started a trend with the throwback uniforms. The game lasted 4:44 minutes, and I am sure 45 of those minutes were Fisk at bats. I like these uniforms, and maybe just maybe there will be another card of Carlton wearing this uniform on the countdown.
The other reason the card made it on here is the photography. Stadium Club really set the bar for the pictures on their cards. It is hard to believe that Topps made these sets. This card is not flashy, but this was the first card where I looked at my idol and realized how old he really was. The end was coming for Carlton. I still get that feeling every time that I look at this card.


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