Carlton Fisk Countdown: #56

This card is one that I had as a child, and just recently put back into my collection. It is a 1986 Topps card that could be found on the bottom of certain boxes. It has no number, just the letter E. The other players on the bottom of the box were Dwight Gooden, Pedro Guerrero, and Ron Guidry. I used to have a bunch of these, but I would never cut the cards out because I thought they would lose value. What happened is that I think they were thrown out, because who would keep cardboard? This card made the list because of what cards meant to me in 1986, and also because until I recently received a lot of cards it had been missing from my collection. I think I also put it on here because I love that uniform. I would kill to get my hands on one of those warm up jerseys. As time goes on I’m sure I will find one.
On a side note I always knew about this card from the bottom of the box, but never knew about the one that was on the bottom of the Fleer boxes in 1986. I guess that would have to be because for some reason Fleer was hard to come by that year. When I started this countdown White Sox Cards did a nice article on it, and included the card with the story. If you want to see the article/card here is a link. As soon as I saw the card I knew I had to have it, and I found one on the Beckett Marketplace. I know have it in my collection. Maybe a special post or two on this countdown would not be out of the question. In the same transaction I bought another box bottom from the 1991 Topps box. Who knew he was that popular on the bottoms of boxes. I thought I knew about almost all of his cards. Lately I have been finding out that I did not know squat.

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