Carlton Fisk Countdown: #57

Today I have chosen the 1988 Topps card featuring both Carlton Fisk and Harold Baines. This card is important because both of these men have had their number retired by the White Sox. Harold has had his retired three times. I think from now on the Sox should wait until the player retires from the game before putting his number in the rafters. I think that we are seeing that with Frank Thomas. His number will be retired, they are just waiting for him to hang up his cleats. Fisk is a hall of famer, but sadly I don’t think that Harold will ever be. He barely received enough votes this year to stay on the ballot. He has a long way to go to get into the hall. He will most likely end up like Minnie Minoso. They were both players that were great, but they are not well enough known to get in. Harold had three separate stints with the White Sox. He was traded a year after this card was made to the Texas Rangers. The Sox got rid of a great player, but they received Sammy Sosa, Wilson Alvarez, and Scott Fletcher for him. Not a bad deal at all. Just before the 1996 season the Sox signed free agent Harold Baines. He stayed with the team until July 29th, 1997 when the Orioles picked him up for cash. On that same date in 2000 the White Sox reacquired Baines. He stayed with the team until his retirement at the end of the 2001 season. Harold has been a member of Ozzie Guillen’s staff since Guillen took over the White Sox job. He stopped at a few other places, but he has always been a White Sox player to me. I think it is safe to say that we will see Harold next to Carlton in bronze someday at the ballpark.
These two were the face of the team, but neither of them actually led the team in any of the categories on the back of the card. The players who led the batting categories are: Ivan Calderon, Ozzie Guillen, Greg Walker, and Gary Redus.
As hard as I was on the regular card from this set I really like the team leader cards from it. I am not bothered as much that the team name is in green. They also usually found a couple of good players to put on the front of the card. In this case they found the two players on the team that were the face of the team in the 80’s. Once again the site 88 Topps Cards is a great site if you like this set.


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