Carlton Fisk Countdown #58

Today’s card is the 1984 Donruss Champions #52 of Carlton. This card makes it because of its history with me. I had one very early on in my collecting days, but someone stole it from me. I have a feeling that it was the same person who stole one of my Fisk rookie cards as well. Enough with the negatives. This card measured 3×5 inches, and is a nightmare to store. I have this card and two others from 1983 and 1986 to try and store. They are just sitting in the back of the binder in the pocket. Luckily they make big enough protectors for these that the cards won’t be ruined. I like this card just because I had it, forgot about it, and now thanks to the internet I have it again. I ordered the 1986 card from the Beckett Marketplace, and the guy just threw this card in. I think he just gave me all of his Fisk cards instead of going through them to fill my order. I guess it makes up for mine disappearing. This is one of those oddball cards that you don’t see everyday so it makes it a little more special than one of the base cards that I have 40 or 50 of.
By the way since I started the counter last February I have had over 1,000 visitors. Congratulations to the visitor from Seattle, Washington who was visitor #1,000. This site has had over 200 visitors in the last two weeks. Thanks to all of the people who have linked to this site making that possible.


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