Carlton Fisk Countdown: #60

Today I had trouble making up my mind. I had both of these cards in here at one time or another and kept putting one in and taking the other out. I finally just decided to put both of them in the countdown. Until a week ago I did not have either of these cards in my collection. I had never even seen the Squirt card before I ordered it. It is from 1982. I have no idea how you would have gotten the card, but I assume it was in packs of Squirt (yes I am that smart). The other card is a 1982 Kellogg’s 3-D card. Both of these cards mean a lot to me because I have seen very few of them around here. It took some looking on the internet to find them.
I also like the cards because they give a pretty good view of the pajama uniforms that the White Sox wore at the beginning of the 80’s. They were called the pajama uniforms because they did not tuck into the pants as most uniforms do. They also had a nifty collar that was reflective of the style of the day. Bill Veeck (as in wreck) of course is the man responsible for these uniforms. I really was not old enough to appreciate these uniforms at the time, but looking back I really like them. I am not saying I want the current team to wear them, but I do like the color scheme. If it is possible these uniforms were retro and current at the same time. I would wear one of these uniforms if they would put a normal collar on it. I really like the look. If you look at early pictures of me as a child I have the same style hat on that Fisk does in the Kellogg’s card. Maybe that is part of my fascination with this uniform.


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