Check Me If I’m Wrong Sandy…

…but the Boilers are in first place again. Come on I had to use a Caddyshack reference when we play the Gophers. Last night in Mackey we put away a very pesky varmint 65-53. Minnesota played us very close all game. The amazing thing about the game was how close they stayed with us despite the turnovers. I think they had eight turnovers in the first eight minutes of the game. That allowed us to build a ten point lead, but they scored fifteen of the next seventeen when we went cold. That translated to a lead of 26-23 towards the end of the first half. That is when the Keaton Grant show began. he didn’t start because he had the flu, and his playing time was limited last night. He did make the most of that time though. With Purdue down 26-23 he hit a wide open three from the corner to tie the game up. Then he hit a 40 foot shot at the halftime buzzer to give Purdue a three point lead. The Boilers took control in the second half cruising to the win. E’Twaun Moore had another stellar game for Purdue last night. He scored 22 points, and looked like he could score at will. This team is something else. The Big Ten title is still a possibility, although nothing is certain in this conference. They have three more regular season games left, and only one of them at home. That game is Saturday against an improving Northwestern team. I might be running in a race Saturday morning, but then I will fly down to Purdue to see the last game this year in Mackey.
Since the game ended late last night I just spent the night at my brother’s apartment. And since I was already at Purdue and hungry for some chicken wings I decided to go see the Matt Painter show being taped again. I do not get the Big Ten Network so this is a chance to see the show. I really like how the coach talks about the team. They showed a highlight of Moore barely in control of the ball making a floater. At the time the crowd went crazy over the shot. Today during the taping Painter talked about how early in the shot clock it was to attempt a left handed floater after dribbling out of control. He really strives for perfection, and that is a good thing. That is the main reason why I was so late in posting today.
During a pause in play tonight I yelled down to the court at Tubby Smith and asked him what he thought his chances of making the NCAA Tournament were. He yelled a couple of times, but I could not hear him. Finally he just gave me a non verbal cue which I have shown below.
I guess he does not think to highly of his teams chances. He really didn’t need to stomp all over the court though. I think that with a coach like Tubby we will not be overlooking the Gophers in the near future. The next few years in the Big Ten should be interesting.

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