Carlton Fisk Countdown: #62

You are looking at the 1988 Topps card of Carlton Fisk. This card is not that valuable. In fact it sells for about a quarter to 50 cents. That is because Topps made enough of them to circle the world. What I remember most about this card though is the fact that Topps came up with the idea to make Trapper Keeper folders out of the cards that year. I still have two of these folders here at home. (Yes I am a pack rat.) I proudly went to school with my Fisk folders. When I was bored in class I could just turn the folder over and look at the statistics on the back. My friends and I had already spent some time decorating our folders with our favorite players, so it only made sense that I had a couple that looked like cards. One thing that I liked about this card compared to the set was on the back. Most of the other players had a tidy little line at the bottom telling some interesting fact about them. Carlton’s card was full of stats in very small print. He had already played too long to have any kind of quote at the bottom. He still had five more years of card to go!
The one thing that has always really upset me about this card is the fact that all of the White Sox cards have the player name on a pink ribbon. I know at this time in our culture neon colors were big, but why pink? Pink is more of a girls color. Why couldn’t the banner name of the club and the ribbon be team colors? This was the year when Score entered the picture making it four major card makers. The following year Upper Deck would come into play. Why was it then that Topps seemed to be taking a step back as far as the looks of the card went.
By the way there is a great site called 88 Topps Cards that celebrates this set. Check it out. They have put some cards on there that I have completely forgotten about.
By the way can you believe that this set is 20 years old? It doesn’t seems like that long ago that I was collecting these cards. Now they are 20 years old. Somebody is getting old, but it can’t be me.


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