Carlton Fisk Countdown: #63

I like this card because once again it features two hall of famers. This card is from the 1992 Pacific set. It shows Carlton having a mound conference with Tom Seaver. I would have like to have heard some of the things that these two veterans talked about on the mound. They had both been playing for so long that I don’t think there were too many new things that they could have been bringing up. It was probably a conversation about what hat they were going to wear into the hall. These two played together for two and a half seasons. Fisk was part of the contingent that wanted Seaver on the team. They picked him up in the compensation draft in 1984 from the Mets. He then came over to the White Sox where he was a part of a couple special moments in my young life. First off in 1984 he won two games in one day. He pitched the 25th inning of a suspended game to get the win, and then went on to win his normally scheduled start later in the day. Fisk caught every inning of that game to set a record and consequently has a record breaker card. Will that be on the list? Maybe. The other moment that he gave us as fans was in 1985 when he picked up his 300th win in New York. I can still remember watching the game, and seeing the joy on everyone’s faces after he threw the final pitch. Fisk and Seaver embracing on the mound was a moment that every paper carried. I clipped the pictures from that day and had them on my school folders when the year started. Seaver was traded to the Red Sox in 1986 for Steve Lyons. A knee injury kept him out of the series that year. He tried to play the following year for the Mets, but was not effective. He never played a regular season game for the Mets so in effect on the mound that day was one man who started his career with the Red Sox, and one who ended his with the BoSox.
Yesterday I received a bunch of packages in the mail. It seems like everything that I ordered came in the same day. I still have a few cards out, but for the majority of my cards came yesterday. I found a couple deals on eBay for Fisk lots, and I filled some holes in my collection through the Beckett Marketplace. I found some cards that I did not even know existed let alone had in my collection. Maybe next month I will check out the marketplace again and see if I can fill some more holes. In all I received about 150 cards in the mail to bring the total number of Fisk cards that I own to over 1,100. For the most part I have been staying away from the bat and jersey cards because they are too much money. I found a few at a good price though, and some of them might just make the countdown. Maybe fairly soon.

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