Carlton Fisk Countdown: #64

I had no idea that this would be this hard. At first I didn’t think that I could find 72 cards to put on here. Now I realize that some that I like will be left out. I guess every card has a memory attached to it, and this is an exercise in reliving those memories. Anyway here is the 1991 Bowman card of Carlton. For some reason (money) Topps decided to resurrect the Bowman name. The cards were never very special, but a few good ones came out of the deal. I like this card because it shows him signing a ball for what I would guess would be a youngster. It reminds me of my first game when I met him before the game started. No matter how famous he became he kept the fans first. The Bowman set from that year is not the best to look at, but I really like this picture for some reason. He only played for a couple of years in the pinstripe uniforms, and that may be another reason I like this card. It looks as if he could be getting ready to play today. How about one more season Pudge?


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