Carlton Fisk Countdown: #65

We interrupt the duet cards to bring you this 1992 Fleer card of Carlton. I like this card because Carlton appears to be chewing someone out while Fred Lynn patiently awaits his turn in the box. Lynn was a lefty so Fisk is looking into the field to whomever he is talking to. This may have been one of Wilson Alvarez’s’ off games. The 1992 Fleer set is not much to look at, but the picture on the card allows this card to make the list. Fred is either digging in, or playing the role of the child who is trying to pretend that they don’t know what is going on. Fisk made a name for himself at the end of his career by continuing to play the game the right way. He would let players on the other team know if they weren’t playing the game the way it should be. The most famous of all these incidents was with Deion Sanders when he was playing for the Yankees. Neon Deion did not run out a pop fly, and the next time he was at the plate Carlton explained to him how to play the game. I have seen him quoted as saying, “If you don’t play it right, I’m going to kick your ass right here.” In this age of BALCO, HGH, and players playing only half a season we need a little more of this in the game today. I really wish that I knew the story behind this card. On the other hand it might ruin what my imagination has come up with. I was already out of collecting when this card came out, but when I got back into completing my Fisk collection I picked it up.
Another interesting part of this card is the fact that Fred Lynn is on it. These two players were key to the 1975 Boston team that came within one game of being world champs. Lynn was a rookie in 1975, and Fisk had been playing a few years. Both of these men were named Rookie of the Year. Fisk in 1972 and Lynn for 1975. They are probably both remembered best for that team in 1975. I guess that is why I find it ironic that they would end up on a card in 1992 together. Why is that odd? Well Lynn retired from the game in 1990. What is even more odd than that is the fact that when he retired he was a member of the San Diego Padres. The two years prior to that he was on the Detroit Tigers. He did start the 1988 season off the Baltimore Orioles before being traded. He was #19 on the Orioles, and that looks like it fits here. At first glance I would swear that is Fred Lynn, and after looking over the card and checking up on his history I would still swear to that fact. Apparently Fleer just had some old pictures they needed to get rid of. It just seems crazy to me to see what would have to be at least a four year old picture show up on a card. They could really date themselves if they pulled an old picture of Julio Franco for this years set. Can you believe Julio was playing at the same time as Fisk, Yaz, Seaver, Rose, and Bench? He really is the Kevin Bacon of baseball. Quickly connect Franco to Babe Ruth in as few players as possible.


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