Carlton Fisk Countdown: #66

“We have a hunch you’ll love the baseball bunch”. Remember the Baseball Bunch from the 80’s? Besides being a really good catcher, Johnny Bench was also a TV personality. I used to watch that show religiously on Saturday mornings as a kid. You always wondered who his guest star would be this week. It is no wonder then that this All-Star card from 1974 made the list. I like the card because in my opinion they are the best two catchers of the 1970’s. Bench was the National League catcher of the 70’s hands down. One could argue that Fisk was best American League catcher of the 70’s as well. Yesterday’s card showed two All Star catchers from the 1982 game that went on to be Hall of Famers. So today we just stepped back decade to find the two catchers from the 1973 All-Star game that also became Hall of Famers. Bench started his career a little earlier than Fisk, and set all kinds of records. Those records would not last very long as Carlton would lay claim to them. Both of these men also played the game the way it should be played. Who knew that a year after this card was made that these two would battle in one of the best World Series ever? Too bad the wrong team came out on top is that one.


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