Carlton Fisk Countdown: #67

Here is the first card of the countdown with a guest star. The guest star today is Gary Carter of the Montreal Expos. In 1983 they called this duo All-Star Catchers. Today we would call the pair Hall of Fame catchers. Fisk was inducted in 2000, and Carter was inducted in 2003. Both of these guys held down their positions in the 80’s like no other. I liked these small sets within a set that Fleer came up with. This were something that nobody else had done yet. I’m sure this won’t be the last of these that we see on here. Besides both being great catchers you also get a chance to see a couple of great uniforms from the 80’s. And how about that perm on Carter? Best perm of the 80’s? It would have to be between Carter and Andre Dawson I think.
By the way I have found an interesting site called the 83F Project. He is trying to get his entire set of 1983 Fleer cards autographed. As of this writing he is 60% complete. Good luck with the other 40%. He has included a link to his actual website that has all of the cards on it by team, and wouldn’t you know it he already has the Fisk card autographed. Over the last couple of weeks I have found that the blogging community has really been embraced by card collectors. If you want to find something out, you will find a blog that has it. I will try and include a link when I come across a blog that is relevant to the card of the day.

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