Carlton Fisk Countdown: #68

Maybe this card should be further up on the list. As a whole I was never that impressed with the 1991 Topps set. They did however have two cards of Fisk that will make this list. I love this card because it shows Carlton in one of his trademark poses. His at bats would take forever. After every pitch he would step out of the box with his left foot as you can see in the picture. He would then take a deep breath staring at the barrel of the bat. After the breath he would adjust his sleeves by pulling on each one from the shoulder. The final part of the routine would be the adjusting of his helmet. He would position his batting helmet just so by grabbing the bill and moving it up and down. This whole routine would take less than ten seconds, but put together would lengthen the at bat considerably. My first year in softball I had the ump upset with me because I was doing this routine during one at bat to get to the pitcher. I knew my practicing of the routine during my childhood would pay off someday.
I would have loved to have seen him catch a game that Mark Buehrle threw. With the way they both play(ed) it probably would have been an average length game. If Fisk was catching you could count on a marathon. Mark makes the game shorter. One Fisk at bat would probably last as long as an entire inning for Buehrle.
The card shown is actually one of the Desert Storm cards that Topps put out that year to give to the troops. Of course some of them found there way back to the states and on Ebay. I am still looking for the other Fisk card from this set with the shield on it.

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