Carlton Fisk Countdown: #70

You are looking at a 1977 Topps card of Fisk. This is a great card that should be much further down the list than this. I put it here though because of the rivalry shown on it. Everyone knows that one of the great sports rivalries is the one that has been going on between the Yankees and the Red Sox. If you check ebay you can even find a picture of Carlton flipping off the Yankees that he will happily sign. Carlton hates the Yankees with a passion. In a play similar to this one with Thurman Munson sliding in to home a simple tag turned into a fist fight. I have always envisioned Willie Randolph getting a face full of mitt in the next couple of frames. ESPN has blown this rivalry out of proportion trying to take it to the national level. To an extent they have suceeded, but regionally these teams hate each other with a passion reserved for warring countries. The same can be said about Purdue and Indiana. This rivalry might not be as well known, but here in Indiana it is a dividing line. A couple times a year you have to pick sides. They square off tonight, and the old hate will come out like it always does. Tonight though will be different than it has in the past few years. They are playing for the inside track on the road to the Big Ten championship. It is a big game, and everything today is leading up to that.
By the way thanks to White Sox Cards for the nice things that were written about this countdown on your site. He has a nice article there right now about a possible set that shows where the players started their careers. At card #72 is Carlton Fisk who would be wearing his Waterloo Hawks uniform. I visited this stadium in 2004 when I was living in Iowa. This might be a good stadium to do a guide on. It is an old stadium with a lot of history behind it. This also got me thinking about the Michigan City White Caps. We had a minor league club in our own backyard that I know very little about. Juan Marichal played at Ames Field, but that is about all that I know. Maybe a little research is in order while I am stuck at home in the winter. Something may even pop up on here in the near future. Well we have 69 more cards to go. See you tomorrow.


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