Holy Cow!

Harry Caray died ten years ago today. It seems hard to believe that he has been gone that long. Already this morning I have seen a lot of coverage concerning Harry Caray and it reminds me of how great he was. I know as a Sox fan I am supposed to hate all things Cubs, but Harry broadcast games for the Sox for 11 years as well. What I loved about Harry was how much different he was than the other great broadcasters of his time. He obviously did not do his homework. He just showed up and called it like he saw it. He did not hold anything back. I have heard some clips today of him pronouncing some names, and it still cracks me up. Part of me thinks that some of that was put on. My favorite name that I can remember him pronouncing was Heathcliff Slocumb. He was a relief pitcher for the Cubs, and by the time he would enter the game Harry would be feeling pretty good. He had countless times to say the name, but I don’t think that he ever got it right. That is what endeared him to the fans in Chicago. He will be missed.


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