Carlton Fisk Countdown: #71

Today’s Fisk card is the regular issue card from 1986. It is card #290, and it is not the flashiest card ever. It is however one of the cards that brings me back to my childhood. My first Sox game was in 1985, and this picture could have been taken at that game. I always liked this card for that fact. I traded away countless expensive cards to complete my set of White Sox players that year. I also managed to get my hands on a few of these. I currently have 41 of these in my collection due to some rare disease. I am sure that you will see more about my disease as this countdown continues. If you don’t, then you probably share it.
On a side note this card was also part of a series called Topps Super. Each card was about 5×7 inches long. The cards are huge, and I was surprised when I saw one a few years ago at a card show. It is in my collection, but I spent a while trying to figure out how to put it in my binder. In that set it is card #23. There are 70 more cards to go…which one will be next?

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