The Year of the Boilermaker!

I think today it finally sunk in that 2008 might be the year of the Boilermaker. The Purdue men’s team is on top of the Big Ten when they were predicted to be in the middle of the pack. The women’s team is on top of the Big Ten when they were supposed to be at the bottom because of injuries. Today Ryan Newman wins the Daytona 500. When he was coming up through the pack at the end Mike Joy said here comes Ryan Newman from Purdue University. It was at that point that I wondered if there was a little magic surrounding the Boilers this year.
Ryan was a student at Purdue at the same time that I was. I remember sitting at Nick’s Pool hall watching USAC on a little TV telling everyone that one of these guys goes to school here. Later that summer we saw him almost win an ARCA race while down a cylinder at Michigan. The picture above is from that race. That year he raced ARCA, Busch, and Winston Cup. Ever since then he has been a driver in the biggest series, but lately he has fallen on bad times. It was good to see the boy from South Bend break his drought today. Coming to the checkered flag it was Newman in one lane, and Stewart in the other. I knew right then it would be an Indiana boy that won the race, but I didn’t count on the Boilermaker luck coming through. It was the Northern Indiana boy versus the Southern Indiana boy. The boy from the north won. Kind of sounds like something happening later in the week doesn’t it?


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