Carlton Fisk Countdown: #72

Yesterday I came home from the basketball game to find a package on my doorstep. I opened it up and it was a lot of Carlton Fisk cards that I bought on eBay. When you are bored sometimes you do some crazy things. In that box was a card that I thought was very cool. It was a 2007 Upper Deck Masterpiece card of Fisk waiving his homer fair in 1975. The border is a green matting, and the picture of the card is made to look like a painting. The green border of the card reminds me of the monster that the ball sailed over. The card is very pleasing to the eyes, and it made me think about all the other Fisk cards that I like. So once again out of pure boredom I came up with the idea to go through my cards and find the 72 Fisk cards that I liked the best and put a new one up here everyday. What better way to start that list than with the card that got me thinking about it. Some of the cards in the list may not be the most expensive, but they all have some kind of meaning to me. So for the next two and a half months I will try and get a new card up everyday. I am sure this site will be cluttered by the time that baseball season comes around.


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