Big Ten Standings 2/17

After thinking about the Purdue aura lately I decided to check out the standings for both the men’s and women’s side of the Big Ten. First off here are the men’s:

Purdue 12-1 21-5
Wisconsin 11-2 21-4
Indiana 10-2 21-4
Michigan State 8-4 20-5
Ohio State 8-5 17-9
Minnesota 5-7 15-9
Penn State 4-8 12-12
Iowa 4-9 11-15
Michigan 4-9 8-17
Illinois 3-10 11-15
Northwestern 0-12 7-16

Today Michigan went into Columbus and beat Ohio State to win their third in a row. With seven games left on their schedule Purdue still has its destiny in its hands. A win Tuesday would be huge.

Here are the updated women’s standings:

Iowa 11-4 18-8
Purdue 10-4 14-11
Ohio State 9-4 18-6
Minnesota 9-6 18-9
Indiana 8-6 15-11
Michigan State 8-7 16-11
Michigan 7-7 14-10
Illinois 6-8 14-11
Wisconsin 5-8 12-11
Penn State 4-10 13-13
Northwestern 0-13 4-21

Iowa, Michigan State, and Indiana all won today. With the Iowa win they jump percentage points ahead of Purdue. Purdue has a huge game tomorrow night at Ohio State that will in my mind put a team behind in the race. It will be hard to make up that loss. I wouldn’t call it an elimination game, but it is pretty close.

One thing that I noticed looking at both divisions is that the Northwestern teams are a combined 0-25 in Big Ten play. It has to be a tough time if you like basketball at Northwestern. Of course if you go to Northwestern you probably have bigger fish to fry.


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