Did We Play At Home Today?

What an experience I had today. Monday I bought my ticket for this game, and do to a page loading error I was charged for two tickets. The university would not give me my money back. So I spent a lot of money to go to today’s game. What I got for my money was a great experience. I would guess that 7/8th’s of the crowd were for Purdue. This little gym that Northwestern uses was packed full of Boiler faithful today. They did not go away dissapointed. E’Twaun Moore scored 28 points to lead the Boilers to a 71-56 win over the Wildcats. He was unstopppable for the majority of the game. When he cooled off Keaton Grant took over. Grant ended the game with 15, but none were bigger than the back to back threes he hit in the second half. Purdue had taken a 10 point lead, but after a time out Northwestern scored the next 12 to take a two point lead. The few Wildcat fans that were there we loud for the first time all day. They may have been loud earlier, but the Boilers were not drowning them out this time. Purdue then went on a 12 point run of it own, and 6 of those points were from Grant. He was feeling so good he tried a shot from what I thought was near half court. Hummel made a couple free throws after a technical then Chicago native Marcus Green was able to get a couple easy baskets to put the Boilers up for good. With the Chicago traffic it took me two hours each way to get to the stadium, but I had a blast while I was there. I sat in some great seats by Purdue’s basket for the first ten minutes of the game. The Northwestern fans finally showed up to kick me out, and I went to my seats at halfcourt. A shot from these seats will be on my stadium guide to follow. While up in the nosebleeds I spotted some nice seats across the way that were unoccupied the entire first half. That is where I sat for the rest of the game. I saw a lot of action from a lot of different positions. If you do not get hosed by the internet this would be a good place to see a game. Thanks to some Boilermaker fans it looked like we sold the place out today.
Northwestern comes to Mackey in a couple of weeks, and I will be nervous for that one. They play a real physical game that really took us out of our game. They also cut very well and get some easy baskets when we over pursue.


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