Michigan State Makes Me Sick

Last night was the biggest game in Mackey in quite some time. As a season ticket holder you would think that I would be there cheering on the Boilers. I was not though. I woke up yesterday morning not feeling so good. I ended up throwing up minutes later, a cycle that would continue as the day went on. I was at least awake enough to watch Purdue play the entire game, and as luck would have it I did not miss a play. I felt horrible, but did manage to jump up and down when Robbie Hummel made one of his great hustle plays of the night. On this occasion it was his great save of an errant shot that was going out of bounds, and then his spot up for three. After jumping a couple of times I got light headed and had to lay back down. We really showed the country what we are made of last night. Hummel also put his name in the national spotlight. He made some big shots, but also had some great hustle plays. His follow after he missed a shot and the put back got the announcers talking. This entire team is just going to out play the opposition. Late in the game a Michigan State player got to a loose ball that rolled out to mid court and I was so upset that we didn’t get the ball. We are getting to the point where we need to get every ball to make our fans happy. I can live with that. What I can’t live with is watching these big games from home. Maybe I can get Roger Clemens to give me some B-12 shots so that this doesn’t happen again.

With one more game to play tonight here are the Big Ten standings:

Purdue 11-1 20-5
Wisconsin 10-2 20-4
Indiana 9-2 20-4
Michigan State 8-3 20-4
Ohio State 7-4 16-8
Minnesota 5-6 15-8
Iowa 4-8 11-14
Penn State 3-8 11-12
Illinois 3-9 11-14
Michigan 2-9 6-17
Northwestern 0-10 7-14

Ohio State is playing Northwestern close, but it would be hard for me to believe that the Wildcats will get their first conference win tonight. We are now all alone in the loss column with one win. After a mediocre start we also almost have the best overall record in the Big Ten. This team is way ahead of schedule. Unless I come down with leprosy or something I will be at Northwestern to see the game on Saturday. Go Boilers!

On a side note the hammer may be coming down on the Hoosiers. Sampson may not last the week as coach, and that means that we will face Indiana with a new coach. Things may be stacking in Purdue’s favor on this thing.


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