My first card in a while

A few months ago I found a site called White Sox Cards on the internet by accident. I have been going to it quite often since to see what set/card will be featured next. I was in Lafayette for the ballgame on Thursday and I stopped into a card shop just to see what was going on. I found a Carlton Fisk jersey card for $5 and snapped it up. I talked to the owner of the shop about why I quit collecting, and it came down to two reasons. One is obvious. Age. At some point it is harder to justify buying cardboard with pictures of baseball players on it. The second reason was price. In his shop he had new releases that we $5-$10 dollars for a pack of 8 cards. I know that cards like the one that I bought are in the pack, but it seems like too much money for a pack of 8 cards. I really do like the card though. It has Carlton in the jersey that I remember him playing in, and a swatch of a game worn jersey from the pinstripe days that he ended his career in. Looking on eBay I see that most of these cards go for $2-$3 dollars. With shipping though I paid a fair price I would guess. Just for kicks I bought a pack of 2008 Upper Deck cards. I opened the pack and found two Jim Thome cards and another White Sox player Donny Lucy who is a catching prospect. Maybe Lucy will be the next Fisk. He has a lot of work to do to get there though.


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