Let’s Talk Some Football

Today was the first day that recruits were allowed to sign letter of intent. One surprise early in the morning was one players decision to back out on his word and commit to Michigan. Last night his coach said that he was going to Purdue, but knew the whole time (and may have even helped him) that he was switching to Ann Arbor. What makes me not like this coach even more was that he used to play for the Bears. The is the one that we did not get. We did pick up a few studs. Will they pan out? Who knows. When he came to Purdue Dustin Keller was only a 2 star prospect. He will be drafted into the NFL this spring. Recruiting is such a crap chute that someone with my limited knowledge will not even begin to try and break down this class. I have seen two of our signees play though. Albert Evans who is pictured played in the DAC for the Portage Indians. I have seen him play the last two years, and I have mixed feelings about him. Any player who can put up his numbers in the Duneland must be a good player. Two years ago he was not even the big back against the Slicers. This year he seemed more into trash talking than playing the game. Some of this may be sour grapes on my part because we lost a close game, but I was upset with his attitude the entire game. I like players like Jaycen Taylor who give a little talk back, but players who come out looking to talk every play bother me. I hope he grows up a little and shows the Big Ten the talent that he displayed in the Duneland. The other player that I have seen in person was Jordan Brewer. Two years ago his Carmel team destroyed us in the 5A Semi-State game. I didn’t remember Brewer making a mark on that game, but that is because Carmel only threw one pass. Of course it was a 28 yard completion to Brewer. He is a wide receiver that went over 1,000 yards this year with 15 touchdowns, but the rumor is that he will be moved to tight end. Maybe he can be the next Dustin Keller. But of course either of these guys could also be the next Selwyn Lymon. I hope that Joe Tiller’s last recruiting class at Purdue will help him leave the right way this year, and also give Danny Hope something to build on. We now return you back to the regularly scheduled basketball coverage.


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