A Sad Day in Basketball

Tonight I was riding my bike watching the Kansas – Missouri game, and on the bottom line I saw a timeline of Bob Knight’s career. I couldn’t figure out why that was on there. The next time the bottom line came around I was shocked at what I saw. Robert Montgomery Knight quit today as coach of the Texas Tech Red Raiders. He coached a total of 42 years. He won three national championships at Indiana, one of those being a perfect season in 1976. I went down to the campus of Indiana in 1994, and was in awe of the man. I used to attend unofficial practices in Assembly Hall to see the team. I was even able as a student to see Knight coach a few games. In 2005 I saw him coach for the last time when I lived in Iowa. His Red Raiders came into Ames, Iowa to play Iowa State. He lost that game, further proof that I was bad luck when I saw him coach in person. I saw a 50+ home win streak snapped in Assembly Hall, and then the next game or so saw Minnesota come in and win in an ugly game. All of that aside Knight was a hell of a good coach. He will be remembered for what he did wrong, but he did so much right that is overshadowed. He is a great coach of the game that sometimes lets his emotions get the best of him. He is human. He has more wins then any other coach in Division I basketball. He walks away from the game with 902 wins, and one hell of a legacy. I don’t think we will see his like again.

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