The Race is On!

I have to get this post out before things change, but for right now both Boilermaker basketball teams are at the top of the Big Ten! Forget Super Tuesday. The names Hillary Clinton, John McCain, Mitt Romney, and Obama mean nothing. The big races now are for the men’s and women’s Big Ten Championship. The odds are stacked against both teams, but almost halfway through both conference seasons they are on top. I missed the Boiler women’s game last night. I worked until almost five, and that makes it hard to make a 6 o’clock tipoff. They pulled a huge upset by beating a Gopher team that had beaten them earlier in the season. That combined with Ohio State going down this week creates a logjam on top of the standings. The men put themselves in position to be at the top by beating Wisconsin last weekend. They needed to beat Iowa (they barely did), and hope that Wisconsin would beat Indiana (they did). This puts Purdue in a tie at the top with three other teams. The funny thing about it is that the other three teams have all been around the top ten in the country all year while Purdue has just seen its highest ranking of 33rd. I think that both teams are a year early in their quest to win the Big Ten, but it will be fun watching them overachieve this season. Both teams have great coaches who do not accept excuses for losing. They will make the last 11 games of conference play exciting to watch. Go Boilers!


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