Moore Of The Same

For the second straight game E’Twaun Moore was the leading scorer for the Boilers. He only scored 12, but on this balanced team it was enough. Purdue spent most of the first half trying to overcome one officials calls. I have never heard an arena boo a ref so loud, and so long. They booed him during an entire TV timeout, and then after an immediate bad call they kept it going. Purdue went into halftime with a one point lead. They came out of the break playing good ball, but could never put Iowa away. Every time they would get a six or seven point lead Iowa would hit a three and start creeping back into the game. The Boilers led by three with 5 seconds left when an Iowa player drove to the basket. He was fouled and goaltending was called. After a made free throw the game was tied. Keaton Grant took the basketball down the length of the court and was fouled. He made his first free throw, and then missed his second on purpose because there was only 1.4 seconds on the clock. That is important because he had made 27 straight in Big Ten play. He was leading the league in free throw percentage. These kids only care about winning. They make it worth the almost four hour round trip drive down to West Lafayette to watch them play.


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