These Girls Are Making Me Eat My Words

The Purdue women are having a tough season. I have been saying all along that it is harder to watch this then what the men went through because the effort just does not seem to be there. That was never more evident then last Monday night against the Hoosiers. I will not name names, but some of the players just did not seem to be giving everything that they could. During the week they went to Penn State and won based on effort. Coach Versyp did not put her usual starting five on the floor. She started the players that earned a start in practice. Yesterday she did the same thing. It seemed to fire up the Boilers. Two of the players that were benched in that game had good days yesterday. Natasha Bogdonova had 13 points to go along with 13 rebounds. Kiki Freeman chipped in 10 points. The Boilers won 52-38 in front of a busy Mackey Arena crowd. It was National Women in Sports Day, and bus loads of kids were in the arena. The Boilers did not look like a title team, but they did look like a team that wanted to win. Even when shots were going in and out they were still giving the effort. If they keep this up the rest of the season they will make me happy by playing in front of a home crowd to begin the women’s tournament. This coach is taking a team decimated by injuries and turmoil and making them into winners. Teams next year better look out.

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