The Ohio State Takes The Defeat in Mackey Arena

Today was my first Big Ten game of the year, and I picked a great one to start the new year with. The Boilers came from behind a couple of times to defeat the Buckeyes today 75-68. One major reason for the win was the play of Marcus Green. He scored 22 points today from out of the blue. He got the start today, and never looked back. The last time he played this well was two years ago against Michigan where he took us to the win as well. This was one of the better games that I have seen in Mackey. The stadium was packed, and the crowd (almost entirely Boiler fans) were ready to cheer from the opening tip all the way until the final buzzer. For a while I thought our missed free throws were going to cost us, but our hustling paid off in the end. This is a team that is fun to watch, and the next couple of weeks have weekend games that I will be able to catch. Iowa will also be here on a Wednesday night, and after living out there I always try and catch that one. This has been a great last couple of days for the Boilers. Hopefully the women will be able to beat the Hoosiers on Monday.

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