Boilermaker Football: A New Hope

I am of that age where Star Wars was a big influence on me growing up. So I guess that it only makes sense that when Purdue announces that it has a new head coach named hope that I would use the title from the original movie as my headline, slightly altered of course. Hopefully we can have a Purdue Strikes back where we win the Big Ten agian, and a Return of the Boilers where we win the national title. I am getting way ahead of myself here. Anyway Danny Hope is the new assistant head coach of the Purdue football team. Danny will also be coaching the offensive line during this coming season. He will take over the head coaching duties in 2009 after Joe Tiller has retired. Hope was the head coach at Eastern Kentucky prior to his hiring here. He was also on Tiller’s staff at Wyoming, and came to Purdue with Joe where he stayed until he left for the Eastern Kentucky job in 2002.
With all that is at stake now with Joe Tiller leaving it really makes this season very important. Hopefully we can send him out on a good note and give the cowboy his ride into the sunset. A date to remember will be November 22, 2008. That will be his last game in Ross-Aide Stadium. As Morgan Burke put it during the press conference Joe will be a senior on senior day. Another date to remember next season will be September 13th, 2008. With a victory over a 1AA opponent to open the season Joe can become the all time leader in wins at Purdue against Oregon. This will be a huge game. I expect a big game atmosphere early in the season. Is it too early to be excited about next year? Probably, but I am anyway. Joe said during the press conference that he will be calling the plays this year. That has me a little excited. I don’t know how serious he was though because his next thought was that we will run all trick plays to make the fans happy. It sounds as if the fans have gotten to him a little. That is too bad. Hopefully the fans will quit whining enough (this guy included) this year to give him the send off that he deserves. Last season I saw a lot of signs on the ground while walking the campus. My brother who attends Purdue said that the students were in charge of that. I don’t think that these kids quite know what the man has done for the program. This next season will be a season of celebration. Where is my season ticket application!
On a side note part of the process of picking our new coach must have been a mustache test.


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