Hope Springs Eternal for the Boilers

I wanted to wait until it was official, but I also did not want to be the last to use that line. From everything that I have seen it appears that Eastern Kentucky head coach Danny Hope will be Joe Tiller’s successor. The press conference that was supposed to be held Friday at one o’clock eastern is being denied by Purdue. Maybe they are holding out, and will announce it sometime around the Ohio State – Purdue basketball game on Saturday. Either way it looks as if our man has been found. I like the idea of a former Boiler assistant coming back to coach the team. Seems oddly similar to how Tiller was hired. Both were former Purdue assistants that may not have had the greatest name recognition by Boiler fans at first. I am excited to see how this all shakes out. What coaches will stay, and which ones will go? We will soon find out I guess. Some bad things have been said about Tiller lately, but without him I would not be the Purdue fan that I am today. He took over right when I started my career at Purdue (and I do mean career). He made this team so fun to watch that I have watched them ever since. Hopefully we give him a good season to ride off into the sunset on.


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