UCan’t Play that Way Against UConn

The Purdue women’s team had a chance to shock the world today. They did in a sense. They were beat by 50 on there home floor. Yes, that’s right 50 points. I went down to West Lafayette to see the game. Apparently I am bad luck for the Boilers this year. I have seen them win once in person, but barely against a horrible opponent. Other than that if I have seen them play on TV or in person they have lost. I may have to test that theory on Thursday when Michigan comes to town. Not a lot of positives to talk about from this game. We were beat 100-50. The good news is that we scored more than 14 points in the second half. We also made more than 4 field goals in the second half. For most of the second half we actually played UConn even. Up until about 3 minutes left in the game we had scored the same amount of points as them in the second half. Then they went on a run with their reserves against our starters to get the score up to 100. Once that we knew the game was going to be a laugher we started having fun with it. In the second half we just acting like the first half did not happen, and started cheering every basket as if we had just taken the lead. Rally towels flying the entire time. I know that we have two players hurt. Two very good players at that, but we have a long way to go to become a top team in college basketball. The past two days have shown me that there is a huge talent gap in women’s basketball.

On a side note it looks as if the Purdue Football team may have some news to report in the next few days. A lot of talk has been going on about how a successor has been picked for Tiller. There are so many rumors swirling around that I will just wait until something has been announced before I comment on anything.

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