Ford Field

On Boxing Day in Canada I was able to see another new stadium. The Motor City Bowl was played in Ford Field in Detroit. When you first hear Detroit you think of the murder capitol of the world, but the area the field is in is very nice. Directly across the street from the field is Comerica Park the home of the Detroit Tigers. I was there in 2003 to watch the White Sox get beat 1-0 by arguably the worst team in baseball history. This trip was much better though. The field itself was very nice, and since I really did not have a long road trip to the bowl this year I bought the better of the two plans on the suite level of the stadium. The amenities up there were very nice, although we could not find one hot dog on the entire 200 level. We had restaurants like Big Boy to chose from. The stadium being fairly new is still in very good shape, and from what I could tell there would not be a bad seat in the house. I may have to go back someday to see my Packers take on the Lions. The stadium holds about 65,000 people, and seemed as if it could get very loud inside. I have not been to many NFL stadiums, but this is by far the best one that I have been to so far.

CSD’s grade: 5 stars


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