Second Verse Same as the First

Last night I thought I was just going to a rematch of a game that I saw earlier in the season. I did not know that I would witness a great football game. Purdue had a 21 point lead in the second half, but LeFevour had the kind of game that people have come to expect from him. He picked Purdue apart in the second half. That culminated with a touchdown pass with 1:08 left in the game that tied the contest at 48. LeFevour finished the game with 6 touchdowns total. A bowl record tying 4 in the air, and 2 on the ground. He threw for 292 yards and ran for 113. He is fun to watch, if he is not playing your team. Curtis Painter had a great game as well. He ended up throwing for 546 yards (a bowl record) and three touchdowns on 35-54 passes. He is now plastered in the Motor City Bowl record book. He led his team down the field in a minute to set up the field goal by Chris Summers. Summers has to be the story of the year. Last year he was not even allowed to kick an eighteen yard field goal against Michigan State to win the game because he was so erratic. Last night we take a slight loss in yardage to get him in the middle of the field to kick a forty yarder. The kick was true, and Purdue won one of the best games I have seen in college football 51-48. With Painter throwing for over 500 yards you knew that the receivers had to have a big day. Greg Orton caught nine passes for 136 yards and a touchdown, Dustin Keller ended his career with the Boilers with 7 catches for 150 yards and a touchdown. Jake Standeford went out with a bang. He caught eight passes for 112 yards and a touchdown. Not bad for a former walk on who did not even get a D1 offer. It was nice to see his hard work pay off for him. It was nice for all of the Seniors to go out with a win. Maybe some of this momentum will carry into next year. It had better, because we play Oregon in the second game of the year.
By the way, I don’t ever want to hear the phrase “LeFevour on the keeper” ever again. It seemed to be said entirely too much last night. Also to all of the Chippy fans who felt the need to keep making fun of the Purdue fans by repeating “woo woo”, I hope you had a safe trip home. You did not seem to like it when we took up your cheer when we were playing well. I guess we will get to do it all over again the third week of September in Ross-Aide next year.


One thought on “Second Verse Same as the First

  1. Thanks for reading. I was able to attend 9 of the 13 games (All home games plus Indiana and Michigan)this year, and at least watch three of the other four on TV. The only one I didn’t get a chance to watch was Penn State, which was a good game in its own right.

    Your seats in Ross-Ade from your pictures actually don’t look to be too far from mine.

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