Irish Stop Crusaders

The #17 ranked Notre Dame Women’s Basketball team forced 27 turnovers tonight to beat the Valpo Crusaders 94-56. Ashley Barlow once again led the Irish with 19 points. She had 15 of those in the first half when the score was a bit closer. The promotions at the Lady Irish games continue to be part of the fun of going. At halftime they had a teddy bear toss to benefit Toys for Tots. The floor of the Joyce Center was covered with stuffed animals for needy kids. It was really something to see. Once again the Irish scored over 88 points, so everyone in the crowd got a free Big Mac. Just like last time the crowd was going crazy as the Irish got closer. People stuck around in a blowout to cheer their team on. Brittany Mallory once again gave the crowd what they wanted. She is singlehandedly fattening the Irish faithful. Another bonus was that our section was voted the most spirited section so we all received $10 McDonalds gift cards. Too bad I don’t eat fast food anymore, or these would be must see games.

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