Notre Dame Makes History Again

Unlike the Notre Dame football team, the women’s basketball team made some positive history yesterday. For a large portion of the game I did not think that history would be made. Purdue had a gutty performance to stay close, or lead the game. FahKara Malone was a big factor in that. She toyed with the press that Notre Dame tried to put on her. She is a difference maker for sure. It was nice to see her back on the court. Purdue did a great job of stopping Charel Allen, but Ashley Barlow picked up the slack. Barlow had 22 points, most of those coming in the second half. Her rebounding and defense also make a big difference on the court. Danielle Campbell had 13 points and 5 blocks for Purdue, but she missed a lot of easy buckets and made some bad decisions with the ball. She looks like the type of player that just needs the confidence to know that she can do it. When she knows what she can do she will be tough to stop. Notre Dame took the game in the end 61-48. Purdue held an eight point lead late in the second half, and I thought about what a great upset this would be. Notre Dame then destroyed that lead quickly to make a game out of it. Both of these teams are young, and next year should be a battle. I can’t wait for the game in the Joyce Center.


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